[4/28/22] Hawkins On New 12th District

Posted in Politics

It will be a new 12th Legislative district we live in come January; that’s because of redistricting that happens once every ten years after the census. 12th District State Senator Brad Hawkins says he’s disappointed at what happened:

So the current 12th district, which includes Chelan, Douglas and part of Okanogan Counties, will be no more:

Hawkins says the new 12th district will be a challenge to represent, mainly because of a lack of commonality:

And that could mean pitting one area in the 12th against another when it comes to priority for funding from the state:

It also could be a challenge in campaigning for re-election: Hawkins is in the middle of his four-year term, so he doesn’t have to worry about it for two years, but Representatives Mike Steele and Keith Goehner are up for election to the new 12th district in November.