[2/2/22] Hawkins On Hospital Staffing, Felony Theft bills

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COVID numbers continue to be high in Chelan and Douglas Counties, and health care workers across the country are burned out. Bills introduced in the state house and senate address staffing levels in hospitals, and set standards for staffing of nurses. 12th District State Senator Brad Hawkins says he’s not supporting the bill at this time:

A public hearing on Senate Bill 5751 was held Monday in the Senate Committee on Labor, Commerce and Tribal Affairs.

A bill in the Senate Law and Justice Committee, sponsored by State Senator Mike Padden of Spokane Valley, would make the theft of an item worth more than 750 dollars a felony if that theft was performed with the help of an accomplice. With Washington now ranking second in the nation in theft per capita, Hawkins says stealing an item worth more than 750 dollars a felony makes sense:

Padden’s bill, Senate Bill 5781, had a committee hearing last Friday; it’s scheduled for executive session in the Law and Justice Committee Friday morning.