[12/17/21] Happy 30th Anniversary To Link Transit

Posted in Transportation

We missed something yesterday (Thu), and we want to take a moment out here to acknowledge it: happy belated anniversary to Link Transit. It was thirty years ago yesterday, December 16, 1991, that Link went into operation, serving Chelan and Douglas Counties. We asked Link’s longtime Communications Manager Erik West how the transit system has grown since day one:

There was a time, back in Link’s early days, when you heard people complain about Link, they’d call into the radio shows about how dare they tear down the old Top of the Franklin to build Columbia Station, and that nobody rode the buses. What they didn’t understand at the time was that a bus isn’t like an amusement ride where people get on at the beginning and stay on until the end. Well, Link celebrated its 30 millionth rider just a couple of months ago. And West says people seem to have accepted transit in the area over the years:

West says Link’s biggest challenge now is getting ridership back to its pre-pandemic levels; although now at about 70 percent of normal, it’s doing better than most transit agencies across the state, and even across the nation. And by the way, on Link Transit’s Facebook page, they have posted a video of the opening of its 30th anniversary exhibit at the Wenatchee Valley Museum, that’s on display through March 5th. So happy 30th anniversary to Link.