[2/7/22] Halfway Through Legislative Session

Posted in Politics

It’s starting to get down to serious business in Olympia, about half way through the legislature’s short session. Last week, two bills addressing last session’s police reform bills were passed out of the House, and while 12th District Representative Keith Goehner says that might sound good, those bills have a long way to go:

On the money side of things, Goehner’s 12th District colleague Mike Steele, who sits on the appropriations committee, says they’re working on the supplemental capital budget:

Representative Goehner says he doesn’t see much tax relief for citizens coming out of the statehouse; his concern is that the state is making good on the commitments the state has made and the programs that have been established:

A reminder that you can hear representatives Steele and Goehner each Friday morning during the legislative session at 7:50 on KOZI.