[6/29/17] Grant County Health District Issues Air Advisory

Posted in Health

GRANT COUNTY, WA – The Grant County Health District has issued an air advisory as a result of wildfires effecting air quality in the Grant County area.

Poor air quality and wildfire smoke can impact people with asthma and other lung diseases, as well as children and older adults. Levels of pollutants that may not affect healthy people may cause breathing difficulties for these people.

To reduce the risks to vulnerable individuals, Grant County Health District recommends the following:

•                   If it looks smoky outside, it is probably not a good time for outdoor activities.

•                   Minimize the use of indoor air pollutants such as candles, incense, and wood burning stoves.

•                   Routinely check on children, the elderly and friends and family who have breathing problems when outdoor air quality is unhealthy.

Helpful websites:

•                   Washington Smoke Information

•                   National Weather Service Western Region

•                   Washington State Dept. of Health – Frequently Asked Questions about Smoke

To help protect you and your family, you can make personal observations to determine outdoor air quality in your immediate surroundings.

•                   Face away from the sun.

•                   Determine the limit of your visibility range by looking at targets at known distances (miles).  Grant County Mapsifter (To determine distances).

•                   The visible range is the point at which even high-contrast objects (e.g. a dark building or water tower viewed against the sky at noon) totally disappear.

•                   After determining visibility in miles, use the table below to identify potential health effects and appropriate cautionary activities.