[7/2/19] Goats Relocation Next Week

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Starting next week, a coalition of state and federal agencies, with support from local tribes, will begin the second round of translocating mountain goats from Olympic Forest and National Park to the North Cascades.

The agencies are trying to re-establish mountain goats in the northern Cascade Mountains while also removing them from the Olympics, where they were introduced in the 1920s.

A year ago, the National Parks Service released the final Mountain Goat Management Plan which outlined the effort to remove mountain goats on the Olympic Peninsula. The population of mountain goats at that time was estimated at 725. A private company that specializes in the capture and transport of wild animals, will use immobilizing darts and net guns to capture mountain goats and transport them in specially made slings to the staging areas. The first two-week capture period in September 2018 removed 115 mountain goats from the population in the park. An additional two-week period is planned for next month – August 19 through 30.

While some mountain goat populations in the north Cascades have recovered since the 1990s, the species is still absent from many areas of its historic range.