[12/13/21] Give Your Home A Smart Thermostat For Christmas

Posted in Public Utility

If you’re looking at your gift lists and haven’t thought of a gift for your home, here’s a gift idea that can save in two ways – money and energy: a smart thermostat. Josh Mitchell is residential energy advisor for the Chelan County PUD, and yes, he says smart thermostats aren’t exactly new, they’ve been on the market for a couple of years . . .

And so you’re saving money on the device, saving energy, and saving on your energy bill as well:

Mitchell adds its a device that most customers are able to install themselves; he says 90 percent of the customers they’ve talked to have been able to put it in themselves, and the company the PUD works most often with on these devices have customer-friendly products, as well as a good help line folks can call into.

Mitchell also says the PUD will be continuing all their customer rebate programs through next year, and hope to add a few new ones as well. More info can be found at chelanpud.org/help.