[4/15/22] Getting Started On Water To The Airport

Posted in Local Government & Meetings, Transportation

It looks as though the first work on getting water – or fire flow – to the Chelan Airport is getting underway. Mayor Bob Goedde says RH2 has started the right of way and design process. Five-point-7 million dollars in state money has been earmarked for the project; whether that is enough to complete it is another question. Goedde says Chelan-Douglas Port Executive Director Jim Kuntz feels he could help in getting more money should it be needed. Getting water to the airport is instrumental in the redesign and expansion of the airport, and the city has been asking for letters favorable to the airport project to send to the Federal Aviation Administration. And the Mayor says they’ve got a good one:

Getting water to the airport would also mean water to the surrounding area, which could mean more housing and business in the area.