[10/28/16] Frustrated With Extended Traffic Delays On 150?

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Motorists traveling between Chelan and Manson yesterday encountered longer than anticipated traffic back ups and they’re not happy about it.

Up until yesterday, contract crews had, for the most part, adhered to the announced 10 minute delays. But those plans fell apart yesterday when some motorists waited as long as 40 minutes in traffic backups that extended into the evening.

We understand that the project needs to be completed before winter weather sets in. We also understand there are going to be associated traffic delays, but, when you know they’re going to stretch into half an hour (or longer), how hard would it be to communicate to local radio stations, or perhaps social media, that there are going to be lengthy road closures?

There is an alternate route, up through the Boyd District, but nobody anticipated the 40 miute delays. They thought 10 minutes max.

A litte communication would have gone a long way.

What should we expect today? We have no idea. We don’t even know if they are working today, or if they are, if we should expect extended traffic delays.