[6/30/16] Friday, July 1st – Salvaging Road Kill Becomes Legal

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wa sate salvage law

As of Friday, July 1, it is legal to salvage dead animals from Washington State roads.

Thanks to an April policy decision by the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife Commission, you can now salvage deer or elk killed in motor vehicle accidents under certain circumstances.

A salvage permit must be obtained from the Department of Fish & Wildlife within 24 hours of taking possession of the animal. Permits may be obtained on the department’s website, or at the department’s Regional Offices. The entire carcass of the animal must be removed from the road right-of-way.

Any meat an individual deems unfit for human consumption, must be properly disposed of . Individuals salvaging and consuming this meat do so at their own risk. The Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife makes no guarantee as to the fitness for consumption of deer or elk collected under a salvage permit.