[3/6/17] Four Month Drug Investigation Leads To Nine Arrests In Bridgeport And Omak

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The North Central Washington Narcotics Task Force began an investigation into a drug trafficking organization (DTO) in November of 2016 and completed the investigation February 24th 2017. During the investigation Task Force Detectives identified two men of the organization 26 year old Hipolito Adan De Jesus and 31 year old Jose Perfecto Adan De Jesus who were traveling to California and transporting Cocaine, Methamphetamine and Heroin back to Washington State. The drugs were then distributed throughout Okanogan and Douglas County by female of the organization identified as 23 year old Claudia Lynn Garcia.

Task Force Detectives also identified drug stash houses in Douglas County and on the Colville Reservation located in Okanogan County. During the course of the investigation Task Force Detectives, Drug Enforcement Administration and Bureau of Indian Affairs made several purchases of Cocaine, Heroin and Methamphetamine from the organization.

On February 4th two members of the organization; Hipolito Adan De Jesus and Jose Perfecto Adan De Jesus were stopped on Highway 97 near Klamath Oregon as they were traveling back to Bridgeport, Washington. After exiting the vehicle both brothers fled on foot in different directions. Oregon State Troopers were able to apprehend the two after a short foot chase. A search of the vehicle yielded approximately 3 ½ pounds of methamphetamine, 2 ¼ pounds of cocaine, 3 pounds of heroin, a pistol and $66,550 in cash.

On February 24th members of the Task Force, Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office, Drug Enforcement Administration, Bureau of Indian Affairs and Border Patrol executed federal search warrants at locations in Douglas and Okanogan County. Claudia Lynn Garcia was located at one of the locations in Douglas County and taken into custody. A fourth subject 28 year old Leticia Panzo Lopez was taken into custody at a stash house located in Okanogan County on the Colville Reservation.

During the service of these warrants a 5th individual identified as 24 year old Walter Gomez-Gonzales was also arrested. Walter Gomez-Gonzales had been identified in two separate drug investigations by the Task Force in 2015 and 2016 and had felony warrants for his arrest. While deputies drove by Walter’s home he came out the front door and gave himself up. According to the deputies Walter was cooperative and when asked why he came out of his house and gave up, Walter stated he had received multiple calls throughout the day about the warrants, he thought he was next and did not want the police to enter his house. There was not a warrant for Walters home and he was not a part of this investigation, however the deputies thanked him for giving himself up on his felony warrants.

At the conclusion of the investigations approximately 12 pounds of narcotics, $70,000 in cash, 5 vehicles, and 2 weapons were seized.

The Task Force also concluded additional drug investigations this week and with the assistance of the Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office and the Omak Police Department arrested 36 year old Alberto Lopez-Flores and 37 year old Rachel Ann Bainard. During the arrest two other individuals were arrested and booked on outstanding warrants, 38 year old Joseph Alex Martinez and 40 year old Teresa Ann Moomaw.

We can’t say enough about the Task Force…..they did an incredible job on this case.