[9/27/16] Former Manson Postmaster Jailed For Mail Theft

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The former postmaster for the Manson Post Office, Elizabeth Camp, has been arrested for allegedly stealing gift cards intended for Manson residents and using them at local stores.

The investigation into Camp began after a Manson resident reported gift cards as missing in early January.

During the investigation by the United States Post Office, it was discovered that those cards were used at the Chelan Walmart in mid December- and surveillance footage showed Camp as the person who used them.

The Postal Service set up a sting operation- and Camp took the bait– stealing another gift card.

Camp later admitted to stealing multiple gift cards during her tenure as postmaster at the Manson Post Office and said she threw the opened envelopes in her personal garbage at home.

Camp is currently being held in Chelan County Regional Justice Center on multiple charges of identity theft and possession of stolen property.