[10/27/21] Forest Service Permits Available

Posted in Fire and EMS, Recreation

You might see some smoke in the air this week, as the Forest Service plans to do some burning. Chelan District Ranger Kari Grover-Weir explains:

Grover-Weir explains they’ve been waiting for some moisture to do the burning.

As cooler weather is here and Winter is around the corner, Grover-Weir reminds you there are permits to be thinking about, namely Christmas Tree permits, and she says you can get them online now:

She adds there are no retail vendors handling the permits this year, so go to recreation-dot-gov, or call the Ranger District office at 682-4900 and schedule a time to meet with them. Also, firewood permits are available through the end of December, firewood is twenty dollars a cord, and you can call the District Office to schedule a time to get your permit.