[4/13/18] Forest Service Considers Adopting Buck Mountain Trail Into National Forest System

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One of the more popular trails in the Methow Valley is the Buck Mountain Trail, and though, it’s not currently considered a National Forest System Trail, the National Forest Service would like to adopt and make improvements to the trail…


That’s Forest Service Information Assistant Shannon O’Brien. She says 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the National Trail Systems Act- which seems like a fitting time to make improvements needed so that the popular Buck Mountain Trail can continue to offer benefits to the public…


The Buck Mountain Trail, north of Winthrop, serves non-motorized creationists such as mountain bikers, equestrians, runners, hikers, snow shoeing, fat bikers and dog owners.

O’Brian says the trail offers spectacular views and is a favorite of mountain bikers…


Proposed improvements would increase sustainability and provide high quality experiences while minimizing impacts of visitor use on the landscape.

Before moving forward with the project, the Forest Service is seeking public input.

You can call the Methow Ranger District Office at 996-9000.

Officials ask that comments are submitted by May 2nd as District Ranger, Mike Lou would like to make a decision so, if given the green light, the project could move forward as early as this summer.

That phone number again…