[7/3/19] Flash Floods, Mud Slides and Closed Roads

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Heavy rains caused mudslides over local roadways yesterday. A portion of Highway 97A is closed from milepost 218 at Earthquake Point, just north of Entiat, to milepost 223 at SR 971 Navarre Coulee Road, nine miles south of Chelan. Mud several feet deep covered the roadway for a 30-40 yard stretch. Both a dump truck and a U-Haul truck were stuck in the slide. Railroad tracks off the far edge of the roadway were also buried.

Mud fully blocked Highway 2 east of Waterville, but crews reopened it around 4 yesterday.

On Lake Chelan’s South Lakeshore Road, Slide Ridge earns it namesake again, with about 10 feet of mud and rock covering the road. The depth is more than 15 feet in some sections. A short bypass road that runs parallel to South Lakeshore Road at Slide Ridge has been opened to one lane with a flagger controlling traffic – open to local traffic only.