[12/13/16] Fish And Wildlife Launching New System This Weekend

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The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife will launch a new sales system this week to sell fishing and hunting licenses. It replaces a 10 year-old antiquated system that allowed hackers to gather personal information from more than 2 million fish and wildlife licensing customers earlier this year.

Bruce Botka, Public Affairs Director for Fish and Wildlife says the new system is much more secure, and more user friendly…

121216 WDFW New System 1 :22 “….pretty good about that.”

Earlier this year, hackers were able to breach security at vendor sale sites around the state. Customer’s personal identification included their names, addresses, birth dates, drivers license numbers and related details such as their height, weight and hair and eye color, as well as the last four digits of social security numbers…

121216 WDFW New System 2 :49 “…that we’re providing.”

Botka said that licenses will be available in mid-January for the 2017/18 hunting and fishing seasons that begin April 1st. To learn more, visit their website at www.fishhunt.dfw.wa.gov