[6/28/17] Fireworks Sales Begins In WA State, Where No Bans Or Restrictions Are In Place

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Consumer fireworks sales across the state begins today at noon and will continue until 9pm on July 5th.

The State Fire Marshal’s Office is reminding folks to know the laws before purchasing and discharging fireworks…

062817 State Fire Marshal 1 :18 “…state fire marshals banner.”

That’s Lysandra Davis, Deputy State Fire Marshal. She says the laws surrounding fireworks purchase and discharge varies from jurisdictions…

062817 State Fire Marshal 2 :40 “…authority having jurisdiction.”

Davis says, personal fireworks requires personal responsibility…

062817 State Fire Marshal 3 :27 “…available on our website.”

Locally, we have a professional fireworks show at Don Morse Park on Saturday, July 2nd- expected to start right at 10 PM.

The “big show” fireworks show in Manson, at Manson Bay Park, will be Tuesday, July 4th and is expected to kick off at 10:15 PM.

Other fireworks shows will be at Walla Wall Point Park in Wenatchee on Tuesday, July 4th at 10:15 PM, at North Central Washington Fairgrounds in Waterville on Monday, July 3rd at dusk, and in Brewster at Columbia Cove Park on Tuesday, July 4th at dusk.