[3/25/19] Fire Mitigation Business

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Wenatchee Valley College in partnership with Okanogan Conservation District and Okanogan County Economic Alliance, is hosting a free class this weekend for local contractors to meet a growing demand for fire mitigation services. Forest managers say a lack of contractors is a common problem they hear from landowners who are trying to prepare their homes and landscaping for wildfire.

  • Preventing Home Ignitions for Builders and Landscapers: Saturday, March 30, 8-12 p.m.

With more wildfires destroying more homes around the West, builders and landscapers who can help their clients reduce their risks will be in high demand in fire country.

Classes will take place at the WVC Omak campus. Register through WVC Continuing Education by calling (509) 682-6900, online at wvc.edu/CED or in person with Cindie Martin at the WVC Omak campus registration office

The Starting or Growing a Fire Mitigation Business class will cover the types of home-hardening and fire-ready landscaping projects that are in demand, the basics of starting/expanding a business and an introduction to government contracting. The class will be co-taught by the Okanogan County Economic Alliance and will connect potential or current business owners with resources to support their work.

The Preventing Home Ignitions for Builders and Landscapers class will bring students up to date on the latest science to protect homes from wildfires through fire-resistant construction and landscaping. A recent survey by WVC Omak found that 78 percent of homeowners would prefer to hire contractors who understand the risk factors that lead to home ignitions during wildfire.

More information: call (509) 682-6900 online wvc.edu/CED