[6/23/21] Fire Commissioners Support Levy Lid Lift

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Chelan County Fire District 7 commissioners have approved a resolution to put a levy request on the November ballot.  If approved, the levy for fire services would increase from the current 80 cents per thousand dollars of assessed property value to a dollar-10.  All three commissioners expressed their support for the levy on Thursday.  Commission Chair Russ Jones said the levy will allow Chelan Fire and Rescue to move forward:

Commissioner Carol Oules says the District has done as much with the money as they can, and without more, the District will suffer:

Commissioner Phil Moller:

Moller says that, as an example, a 250-thousand dollar home with a current levy rate of 199 dollars a year, would add six-dollars 29 cents a month.  A reminder here that the last time a lift to the fire levy rate was approved was in 2006 – fifteen years ago.

A committee to campaign for the levy is being put together, Commissioner Jones says if you’re interested, give him a call and he’ll put you in touch with them, since commissioners can’t campaign themselves, except as private citizens.

The levy will appear on the November 2nd ballot.