[7/24/17] Fire Between Prince Creek And Moore Point On Lake Chelan Quickly Put Out By Rappellers

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Meshac Pedilla, Information and Visitor Assistant at the Chelan Ranger Station, says there was a fire about a week ago on the north shore of Lake Chelan between Prince Creek and Moore Point at a shelter called Meadow Creek…

072417 Campfires In Forest 2 1:15 “…warm for that matter.”

CWICC, by the way, stands for Central Washington Interagency Communications Center, which began operations in the spring of 1992 and serves as the focal point to provide all risk dispatching, logistical support, resource status and availability for anticipated and ongoing incident activity for all cooperating agencies within the CWICC area.

CWICC’s area covers more than 7.5 million acres, encompassing 17 counties– making up about 50 percent of Washington state.

Campfire restrictions are in place on the Okanogan Wenatchee National Forest- which means campfires are only allowed in designated fire rings.

Meshac says there are several local campgrounds that completely prohibit campfires…

072417 Campfires In Forest 1 :31 “…nothing with open flame.”