[9/24/21] Entiat River Salmon Grant

Posted in Environment

The Chelan County Natural Resources Department is receiving more than 45-thousand dollars from the state to monitor fish movement in the Entiat River. 

The survey will evaluate which habitats fish are more likely to select in the middle Entiat River. The department will conduct surveys to see if more fish are using habitat where restoration has occurred compared with nearby unrestored sites. The department also will use mark-recapture methods (where individual fish are marked and their movement tracked) to compare the rates of fish movement in and out of high-quality pool habitats of different sizes and with distances separating them. The goal of this study is to provide information about the size and placement of pool-forming logjams for future restoration work. The river is used by spring-run Chinook salmon, which is a species listed as endangered under the federal Endangered Species Act, and by steelhead trout, which is listed as threatened under the Act. Chelan County will contribute $128,613 in a local grant and donations of equipment and labor.

The state money is part of 814 thousand dollars Chelan County is receiving for various salmon recovery projects from the Washington State Salmon Recovery Funding Board, which is awarding 21 million dollars in grants across the state to aid in salmon recovery.