[4/14/17] Elite Eight To Retire From Chelan School District This Year

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As you know, Gonzaga made it into the Elite Eight this year. But so did Carole Bowers. And Sue Clouse. And six others retiring this year that the Chelan School District are calling their “Elite Eight.” Superintendent Barry DePaoli does the roll call:

041417 Elite Eight 1 :19 Q:”this next year”

Added up, those eight have around 200 years of experience with the Chelan School District, something DePaoli says had an impact on scores of students:

041417 Elite Eight 2 :24 Q:”they certainly should”

The district held an all-staff appreciation breakfast Monday to honor its “Elite Eight,” and also announced its “Employees of the Year:”

041417 Elite Eight 3 :57 Q:”tribute to Sara”