[4/3/18] Easter Sunday Road Rage Incident Involving A Gun Ends With Arrest

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Road rage continues to be a problem on local roadways, according to area law enforcement. An incident Sunday lead to an arrest for assault with a firearm. Marcus Bellissimo reports…

On Easter Sunday, a road rage incident on North Wenatchee Avenue escalated to a major confrontation with a firearm. Shortly before 10:00 AM, two brothers and other family members were southbound on North Wenatchee Avenue in a Jeep and a truck. Near the intersection of Duncan Road, a blue SUV in the turn lane suddenly cut into traffic between the Jeep and the pickup that were driving in tandem. Captain Edgar Reinfeld is with the Wenatchee police department.

040318 REINFELD BITE #1 :42 “…. further south on the avenue.”

A passenger in the pickup called 911 to report the incident. The victims in the pickup provided the license plate number of the suspect vehicle. They also provided a detailed description of the suspect that led to his identification.

040318 REINFELD BITE #2 :18 “…for a search warrant.”

The driver claimed he was unarmed and had not pointed a firearm at anyone. He admitted to trying to get the pickup to pull over so he could fight them and also to pointing a finger at the occupants. As the day went on, details continued to unfold.

040318 REINFELD BITE #3 :54 “….3 victims in the pick-up truck.”

According to Captain Reinfeld, road rage has become an unfortunate and dangerous problem on our roadways. There is nothing to be gained from trying to fight over traffic violations, bad driving, or near misses while driving. The victims in this case did the right thing by not stopping and getting to safety.