[8/8/19] East Wenatchee to Build Pump Track

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While conversations for a possible pump track in Chelan continue, East Wenatchee is moving forward with the construction of a pump track of their own. Spearheaded by Eastmont Metropolitan Parks and the Evergreen Mountainbike Alliances Central Washington chapter. Rollers, banked turns and features designed to be ridden completely by riders “pumping”—generating momentum by up and down body movements, instead of pedaling or pushing. It was originally designed for the mountain bike and BMX scene, and now, due to concrete constructions, is also used by skateboard and scooter riders, and accessible to wheelchairs. Pump tracks are relatively simple to use and cheap to construct, and cater to a wide variety of rider skill levels. Construction for the pump track will rely on community donations and a GoFundMe account. Conversations continue for a possible track here in Chelan.