[5/22/18] Earth Day came and went. Does The Observance Let Us Off The Hook?

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Earth Day was founded in 1970 as a day of education about environmental issues, more than 1 billion people worldwide observed Earth Day.  The first Earth Day celebrations took place in two thousand colleges and universities, roughly ten thousand primary and secondary schools, and hundreds of communities across the United States.  Spring is here a time of renewal, but how is mother earth being cared for? Earth Day, is one 24-hour period every 365 days, is that enough, or are there ways we can connect with the earth and our place in it every day?

 It might mean taking a walk in the woods, picking up plastic trash, planting something new, or simply sitting outdoors, listening in gratitude, and sensing the breeze as it ruffles our hair.

Chelan Middle School clean up – April 2018 earth day!