[9/2/21] Douglas County Treasurer Suspended; County Investigating Late Payments To IRS

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Douglas County Treasurer Natalie Marx has been suspended, and the county is looking at about 100-thousand dollars in penalties to the Internal Revenue Service due to late payments of payroll taxes.

In an email yesterday, the Douglas County Prosecutor’s Office said the County Commission was notified of the penalties in late July, and the county is now aware of 14 incidents. Douglas County Prosecutor Gordon Edgar:

Thirteen of the incidents are related to late payments of monthly federal taxes made by the Treasurer’s Office, some of which were made on behalf of other districts, and one which was the result of an underpayment submitted by the Auditor’s Office to the IRS.  Edgar says the County is looking into how this happened:

Edgar says the suspended treasurer, Natalie Marx, isn’t going to be charged with a crime and isn’t looking at jail time, because there was no malicious intent.