[2/25/22] Douglas County To Use Chelan County Jail More

Posted in Law Enforcement, Local Government & Meetings

Douglas County is having problems in placing its prisoners. For years, they’ve been using the Okanogan County Jail, but Commissioner Marc Straub says there have been issues with booking restrictions the last couple of years:

Another issue was that Okanogan County was making fewer beds available for Douglas County’s use, but charging them the same rate:

However, that has changed,with Douglas County currently on a pay-as-you-go basis with Okanogan County for the remainder of the contract, or however long they use it. But the county is teaming up with Chelan County for a short term solution:

As for a long-term solution, Straub thinks Douglas County will eventually have to invest in ownership of a new regional jail, preferably with Chelan or Okanogan County.