[2/23/17] Douglas County Seeing Increase In “Warm Up” Thefts

Posted in Law Enforcement


Have you heard about warm-up thefts? Car thieves may be on the prowl for your car during these colder winter months.

Douglas County Sheriff, Harvey Gjesdal says Douglas County has seen an increase in car thefts, and a large percentage of the vehicle thefts stem from people starting their cars in the morning to warm up…

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The National Insurance Crime Bureau warns drivers to never leave their vehicle unlocked and running with the keys inside.

The Bureau notes that many cars offer remote starters that do not require a key to be in the ignition and actually requires the door locks to be engaged before the engine will start.

In a case when that technology isn’t available, drivers may choose to start the car with one set of keys and lock it up while it warms up, then use a second key to unlock it when it’s ready.

Keep in mind, in that situation, a thief is still able to break a window to get inside and drive off.