[11/7/16] Douglas County Farmers Invited To Join Voluntary Stewardship Program

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Farmers and ranchers in Douglas County are being called upon to join the new Voluntary Stewardship Program through the Chelan-Douglas County Farm Bureau.

Aaron Rosenblum, Natural Resource Specialist with the Foster Creek Conservation District shares more about the planning group’s mission to ease the management of restrictions on farmlands in Douglas County and how it differs from the current approach…

110716 Do County Farmers 1 :38 “…that’s going forward.”

Rosenblum says there are five types of areas within the land-use requirements the bureau’s stewardship effort hopes will help farmers and ranchers– two of them, he adds, are more critical than the others…

110716 Do County Farmers 2 :32 “…intersecting wildlife habitat.”

Not only will the establishment of a voluntary stewardship program help farmers and ranchers cut through the fields of red tape associated with the county’s current ordinance process, but, according to Rosenblum, it will also save them a lot of time and money…

110716 Do County Farmers 3 :27 “…avoid a lot of that.”

There are currently seven official members of the workgroup, but Rosenblum says many more are showing up to participate in the ongoing sessions each time. The next meeting of the Voluntary Stewardship Program is scheduled for December 7th in Waterville. More information is available by calling Aaron Rosenblum at the Foster Creek Conservation District, (509) 423-5990 or via e-mail – arosenblum@fostercreekcd.org .