[2/21/17] Douglas County Deputy, Caleb Reynolds Receives Lifesaving Award

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Douglas County Sheriff Deputy, Caleb Reynolds, was recently honored for saving the life of a young teen who was shot while out hunting with a friend in late December.

Douglas County Sheriff, Harvey Gjesdal, says he was able to give out the Lifesaving Award at their annual All-Hands meeting…

022117 DCSO Lifesaving Award :59 “…saved somebody’s life.”

According to the press release, on December 29, 2016- at roughly 4:15PM, 14 year old Mathew Cunnings, of Cashmere, and his 17 year old friend, were duck hunting near the River by Rock Island Dam.

Cunnings shot a duck and handed his 12 gauge shotgun with the safety off, to his friend to retrieve his catch.

The friend was holding the gun by the shoulder strap and walking towards the river, when the trigger snagged a branch and the shotgun went off, striking Cunnings in the leg.

Cunnings was transported to the hospital where he underwent multiple surgeries to repair the damage.