[9/14/16] Douglas County Deputies: High Speed Pursuits And Bulls Harassing Hikers

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In rural counties, Sheriff deputies respond to a wide range of calls-

Douglas County Sheriff Deputies, last week, responded to a call that involved 2 bulls and a heavily used trail near Rocky Reach Dam.

Sheriff Harvey Gjesdal tells us more about that…

091416 Bulls and Pursuits 1 :31 “…life in the county.”

Speaking of high speed pursuits, Sheriff Gjesdal says his deputies were involved in one of those also…

091416 Bulls and Pursuits 2 :44 “…him go to jail.”

And, Gjesdal adds, although his deputies aren’t involved in many high speed pursuits, they are still highly trained for them…

091416 Bulls and Pursuits 3 :24 “…high risk event.”