[11/1/17] DOT Says To Expect More Backups Near Roundabout Project Remainder Of This Week

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Traffic backups associated with the No See Um roundabout project on State Route 150 between Chelan and Manson were brutal yesterday.

Washington State Department of Transportation Engineer, Kevin Walagorski says you can expect more of the same today…


It was traffic impacts on the forefront of our minds yesterday—the forecasted 10-20 minute delays stretched into 30-40 minutes, sometimes up to an hour both on the Chelan and Manson side of the project.

KOZI kept in touch with DOT throughout the day yesterday, questioning the lengthy backups.

Walagorski was apologetic, but said without a viable detour, the backups cannot be avoided…


Motorists should be prepared for 20 minute plus delays, Wednesday, Thursday and possibly Friday. Work hours are 7am – 7pm.

Walagorski says he has fielded several valid questions this week concerning the paving process. One of those is why they aren’t paving overnight. He says quite simply, overnight temperatures are too low for paving.

Another question is why flaggers seem to allow more Manson bound traffic through than they do Chelan bound traffic.

Walagorski says they try to keep it balanced, however during peak traffic hours, vehicles lining up on Chelan side of the project form a virtual gridlock at multiple intersections stopping traffic in all directions.

In addition, Chelan is the supply side for the project- meaning all those asphalt trucks have to bring asphalt that direction. If they can’t get through, the project simply grinds to a halt.

Despite all of the challenges, Walagorski believes the project will be finished by Thanksgiving..