[5/12/17] DOT Says North Cascades Highway Will Open On Tuesday

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Consistent with their under-promise and over-deliver philosophy, the WSDOT announced the State Route 20, North Cascades Highway, will reopen to vehicular traffic next Tuesday, May 16- 2 1/2 weeks ahead of their earlier announced schedule…

051217 North Cascades Hwy 1 :19 “…open by memorial day.”

That’s Jeff Adamson, Spokesperson for WSDOT….

051217 North Cascades Hwy 2 :13 “…second latest ever.”

However, Adamson says, he fully expects the highway to open at 11AM on Tuesday, May 16- making it the third latest opening ever.

The annual process of reopening the North Cascades Highway began clear back on Monday, April 10.

East and west side DOT crews met at Rainy Pass this week. Now, they are putting the finishing touches on the highway before opening next Tuesday…

051217 North Cascades Hwy 3 :11 “…the two sides meet.”

Again, State Route 20 – North Cascades Highway is schedule for reopening next Tuesday, May 16 at 11AM.