[7/23/21] Don’t Put Glass In Recycle Bins!

Posted in Environment

We got an email from Julie McCoy with the 911 Glass Rescue project yesterday; it seems that some of you are now putting glass bottles in your blue recycling bins, expecting them to go to the new glass pulverizer.  Don’t do that – it doesn’t work that way.  And it actually does a lot of harm. 

When glass gets mixed with other recyclables for which there is a market, it “contaminates” those items, meaning that they are REJECTED for recycling, and the City is not paid for those. This is particularly a problem with cardboard; broken glass can become embedded in the cardboard and cause it to be rejected. When recyclable items with a market value (as is the case with cardboard) are rejected, our fees for solid waste will go up.

The glass that is deposited in the recycle bins will end up in the LANDFILL, not as pulverized glass.

So don’t put glass bottles – or any glass – in the recycling bins.  Glass bottles need to be brought on your own to the pulverizer on Saturday from 8 to noon, which is the first official day of pulverizing.