[12/1/21] Disaster Declaration Asked for Colville Reservation

Posted in Environment

Eastern Washington’s two Congressional representatives have sent a letter to President Biden, urging a disaster declaration for the Colville Indian Reservation.

Last summer’s major wildfires scorched reservation lands and left them vulnerable to flooding and landslides this winter.  Fourth District Congressman Dan Newhouse and Fifth District Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers say the president’s approval would release federal funds to remove debris, protect from floods and landslides, and repair roads, bridges, water systems and other public facilities affected by the fires.

“The damage sustained is beyond the capacity of the CCT to address on its own,” the congressmembers wrote.

Both districts include portions of the Colville lands within their boundaries.  The president issued a similar wildfire disaster designation last February for the Colville tribes and nine eastern Washington counties, including Douglas and Okanogan.