[9/5/19] DerStory of Leavenworth

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The Bavarian Village of Leavenworth is speaking its own language with the unveiling of a new tongue-in-cheek dictionary called “Der Wördbook,” along with the chance for lucky wordsmiths to win a free vacation package by submitting their own “DerWords.”


Each word in the new dictionary adheres to two simple rules:


Every word must start with “Der”

Every definition must end with “Leavenworth, WA”

“The idea is to have a little fun capturing the spirit of the many things that are uniquely Leavenworth,” said Nancy Smith, executive director of the Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce. The made-up words, which range from “DerAbility” to “DerZen”, light- heartedly highlight various aspects of the Leavenworth experience.


Adding to the fun is a contest that invites the general public to submit their own words. Any word and definition officially accepted into Der Wördbook lands its author in a monthly drawing to win a free weekend in Leavenworth and other perks.


Der Wördbook contest rules and submission form are all available online at leavenworth.org.


Each week during the month of September, a new video highlighting one of the DerWords will be released online, starting with the release of “DerBling.”


The campaign was created by Jamie Howell of Howell at the Moon Productions, with production support from Shane Wilder and Andy Jaynes of Icicle TV. The videos star local Leavenworth residents and, in one case, a resident goat.