[12/20/21] DePaoli On TikTok School Threats

Posted in Education, Law Enforcement

On Friday, school districts across the country issued warnings, increased security and canceled classes in response to vague, anonymous shooting and bomb threats that officials say were made on TikTok but were not considered credible.
Lake Chelan School District Superintendent Barry DePaoli told KOZI he had received information about the threats Thursday afternoon, and even though they were quickly dismissed by law enforcement, DePaoli felt differently:

DePaoli feels the best warning system the district has is its student body:

Schools in Arizona, Connecticut, Illinois, Montana, New York and Pennsylvania increased their police presence Friday due to the alleged threats while schools in California, Minnesota, Missouri and Texas closed for the day.

The threats posted on TikTok come a little more than two weeks after a 15-year-old sophomore shot and killed 4 fellow students at Oxford High School in Michigan – a typical amount of time before experts say copycat threats begin after a high-profile shooting. An array of copycat threats to other schools have already resulted in dozens of student arrests.