[3/23/17] Deadline To Register To Vote On Lake Chelan Community Hospital Bond Is Monday

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If you’re passionate, either for or against a new Lake Chelan Community Hospital, there is a very important deadline looming on Monday…

032217 Voter Registration 1 :38 “…25th April Special Election.”

That’s Chelan County Auditor, Skip Moore. He’s also the Election Official for Chelan County..

032217 Voter Registration 2 :26 “…has to pass by 60 percent.”

That means 40% of those who voted in last November; general election will need to cast a vote to validate the election. And, 60% of all those who vote in the April 25h Special Election have to approve the new bond measure, or it fails…

But, you can only vote, if you register to do so…

032217 Voter Registration 3 :19 “…the 17th of April to do.”

Online registration at the county auditor’s website: www.co.chelan.wa.us/elections