[11/2/17] Days Are Counting Down To Have Your Vote Count In General Election

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A gentle reminder that the days are counting down to return your completed ballot if you want your vote to count in Tuesday’s General Election.

For the first time since 1989 no initiative or referendums appear on the statewide ballot. Instead, local races and measures are dominating ballots.

There are three statewide advisory votes, but they are just that– advisory– and they will not change the law.

In 2007 Washington voters approved Initiative 960- which requires the legislature to go back to the voters after they have increased or expanded taxes without voter approval. The legislature did that three times this year…thus the three advisory votes.

Those votes are non binding and will not change the law.

On the other hand, your vote is both critical and binding on local races and ballot measures. They determine who leads your community and how your tax dollars are spent.

These elected leaders will make decisions about local schools, roads and public safety. All voters are encouraged to return their ballots to have their voices heard because this election matters in your community.

In order for your vote to count, your ballot must be postmarked no later than November 7th or deposited into an official ballot box no later than 8 pm on November 7th.

If you have not received a ballot and believe you should have, or if you have any general ballot questions, contact your local auditors office.

In this years Washington State General Election, there are more than 3,700 candidates in nearly 2,900 races distributed across 1,400 voting jurisdictions.