[8/30/21] COVID Numbers Skyrocket

Posted in Health

The COVID numbers are skyrocketing in Chelan, Douglas and Okanogan Counties. According to the Chelan-Douglas Health District, the local case rate for the two weeks ending Monday is 916 per hundred thousand population, that’s up from 715 per hundred thousand a week prior. There were more than eleven hundred new cases reported in the two counties from August 11 to the 24th, 722 in Chelan County, 409 in Douglas County. There were 25 people in the hospital with COVID as of Wednesday, 14 from Chelan County, 11 from Douglas. If there is good news, it is this: now more than 60 percent of Chelan County residents have had one dose of the vaccine, 53 percent of Douglas County residents. More than 53 percent of Chelan County residents are fully vaccinated, 47 percent in Douglas County.

In Okanogan County, the number of new COVID cases has quadrupled since the beginning of the month. The latest local case rate in the county is 610 per hundred thousand as of Wednesday, and that more than doubled in one week. 263 new cases were reported in the two weeks ending Wednesday, with 35 cases reported on Wednesday alone. 56 percent of residents have had one shot of the vaccine; just over half are fully vaccinated.