[1/21/22] COVID In The Counties

Posted in Health

The omicron variant of COVID seems to have taken over Chelan and Douglas counties, and the state at that, anyway according to Chelan-Douglas Interim Health Officer Dr. James Wallace:

And the latest case numbers in the two-county area of more than two-thousand per hundred thousand residents has Dr. Wallace concerned that systems are in danger of breaking down if infections continue at that pace:

With vaccination rates in Chelan and Douglas counties running at 69 percent for those with one jab, Dr. Wallace says we’re nowhere near what is called “herd immunity,” because immunity levels drop not only with the initial series of vaccines, but also with infection mediated immunity. And for those who have been thinking that since omicron is a milder form of COVID, we might be nearing an “endemic” stage, Wallace thinks otherwise:

Dr. Wallace is also the Health Officer for Okanogan County; their two-week case rate has shot up to 1,004 per hundred thousand residents as of Monday.