[3/1/22] County Water Code Adjusted

Posted in Local Government & Meetings

With the state’s largest natural lake little more than a hop and a skip away from us, you wouldn’t think we’d have to worry about water. And, according to Chelan County’s Natural Resources Director Mike Kaputa, we don’t have to. He says the county has been making adjustments to the County’s Water Mitigation Program:

Kaputa says the county has been working on agreements with the PUD, the Department of Ecology and others to ensure that the area has enough water. And Kaputa says the county has ensured that whatever growth happens in this area over the next couple of decades, there will be enough water to match it:

Kaputa also wants residents who use the lake for their water supply by surface water diversions to get in touch with the county to file paperwork. Kaputa says there is a simple program that is run through the natural resources department, they’ve taken care of a lot of the issues, so Kaputa urges you to contact them.