[1/11/22] County Road Work

Posted in Transportation, Weather

County crews continue to clean up after last week’s record-breaking snowfall. Throughout this week, crews will be clearing intersections and cul de sacs and widening roadways by pushing back snow along county roads. They also will be working on school bus routes to clear bus turnaround locations.

The work requires a variety of equipment, including graders, loaders, snowplows and, in some cases, a large blower. Motorists are asked to give crews room to work. These are large pieces of equipment working on narrow, snow-packed roads.

What can you do to help?

If you do not need to travel in high impact areas, including near Lake Wenatchee, on South Lakeshore Road at Lake Chelan, and in the county’s canyons, please stay away so crews can work. Now is not the time to be taking scenic photos in these areas.

Do not plow or shovel snow from your property onto the county roadway or across the road. Keep your snow on your property. When widening the roadway, the added snow will only cause problems as the snow berms get taller.

When crews widen roadways, please plan for some snow in your driveway. While crews do not intend to put snow in driveways, to open the roadways, it is unavoidable.

Shovel out your mailbox so it is visible to crews as they plow. And remove any vehicles or trailers from the roadway so crews have room to work.

This week’s forecast calls for a wintery mix of light snow and freezing rain early in the week.