[9/24/21] County Fire Designation Lowered

Posted in Fire and EMS

Chelan County commissioners on Tuesday lowered the fire hazard designation from “very high” to “high” in the county’s Valley Zone, matching the high designation already in place in the Mountain Zone.

With the new designation, recreational campfires now are allowed in both zones of the county in designated areas, such as designated campgrounds or an outdoor fireplace.

Still prohibited are outdoor burning, the use of open flame devices and the operation of motor vehicles off the roadway. Fireworks are illegal in Chelan County.

In addition, Chelan County has re-opened Horse Lake Road, which leads to the Horse Lake Reserve recreation area. The road had been closed since early August out of concerns for the dry conditions and potential wildfires.

The fire hazard levels are set to expire on Sept. 30. Chelan County Fire Marshal Bob Plumb reminds you that even if the designations expire, that doesn’t mean Chelan County is out of fire season just yet.