[9/14/16] County Commissioners Hold Hearing On Urban Growth Area In Leavenworth

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Chelan County Commissioners were set to hold a hearing this week about a proposal by the city of Leavenworth that would allow accessory dwellings in the Urban Growth Area to be occupied and used as residences when the property owner doesn’t live in the main dwelling of the house. Chelan County Commissioner Doug England:

091416 UGA Hearing 1 :31 Q:”will be in place”

The problem, England says, revolves around who’s making the rules – and rules being made for people who don’t have a say in them:

091416 UGA Hearing 2 :44 Q:”somebody else’s rules”

While the issue at hand deals with Leavenworth, England says there are implications for the Chelan Valley because this rule, if approved, would set the tone for what any of the other cities in the county may want to do, although the Commission would have to go through each proposal individually.