[3/13/19] County Commissioners Considering WUI Code

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Fresh back from their trip to the nation’s capital, Chelan County Commissioners have been engaged in doing some catch-up in this week’s set of meetings. One of them was with County Natural Resources Director Mike Caputa on the Wildland Urban Interface code. Wildland Urban Interface is defined as “land that stands between the undeveloped natural land and developed urban areas. Commissioner Doug England:

The County has put together a Wildland Urban Interface Task Force to put together a WUI code draft. A petition on change.org started by Forest Ridge Wildfire Coalition Chair Jerry Holm has close to 100 signatures, asks county commissioners to “enact the most effective, comprehensive WUI code” as soon as reasonably possible. Holm posted that the meeting with the commissioners to present the findings of the petition has been postponed to early next month.