[1/3/18] Community Foundation Opens Application Process For College Scholarships

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Following a very successful crowd funding campaign that provided $200 thousand to 28 non-profits across North Central Washington, the Community Foundation has opened the application process for their annual scholarship program.

The Community Foundation of North Central Washington manages more than 100 unique scholarships established by individuals and families who feel passionate about furthering education for local students.

Scholarship criteria varies and many do not require top academics, or participation in a specific activity. In fact, most scholarships seek to support students who have served their communities, show growth and potential and demonstrate significant need.

Scholarships are available to high school seniors, current college students, and non traditional students from North Central Washington who plan to attend four year colleges and universities, community colleges, and trade schools.

The application process is on line and students can easily apply for multiple scholarships at once.

The deadline for applications in this round of scholarships is March 1st.

For more information, and to apply for a scholarship- visit their website at www.cfncw.org/scholarships.