[7/1/21] Community Center Update

Posted in Feature, Recreation

You may have been driving past the construction site for the Community Center at Lake Chelan, and wondered, where’s all the construction?  The easy answer to that, according to Allan Meyer with the Seven Acres Foundation that’s spearheading the Community Center project, is COVID, and that has slowed every project down.  Yet, Meyer says things are happening:

Even better news, Meyer says, is that the building permit is coming along, in his words, “soon:”

Meanwhile, the fundraising continues: more than 28 thousand dollars from the Subaru “Share the Love” event from last year, 25-thousand dollars from Lake Chelan Rotary.  But that’s small change to what was raised over the weekend at the “Rose Soiree” at Lark Hill Winery: more than one and a half million dollars, a million of that coming from the Tom and Meg Names Family Foundation, one of two foundations, you’ll remember the Names Family Foundation donated a half million last year.  That brings the total money raised to 9 and a half million dollars, about two thirds of the total project cost, which has gone from 10 million to now 15 million dollars.  They’re still looking for donations, you can go to sevenacresfoundation-dot-org, or ccatlakechelan-dot-org to find out more.