[3/4/22] Community Center Has $7 Million Funding Gap

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In this update about the Community Center at Lake Chelan, it’s kinda hard to decide whether to start with the good news, or the bad. So let’s get the bad news out of the way first.

Ben Williams, the Executive Director of the Seven Acres Foundation behind the Center, says while they’ve done very well in their fundraising efforts so far, there’s still a long way to go:

Seven million dollars. And he says that’s because of the rising cost of materials, brought about in part by the construction boom in the area, as well as supply chain issues. And speaking on KOZI yesterday (Thu) morning, Williams sounded almost apologetic in asking for more money:

Williams says they have a number of grant applications in that look promising, and they’ll likely go after another grant through the State Department of Commerce. He asks for you to leverage your network, let your friends and colleagues know of the funding gap; Williams also says they’ll be asking the city and county for support, and to petition them when the time comes. And as for money . . .

They’ll also take in-kind donations, for instance, Lake Chelan Building Supply’s offering of building materials at cost. And building supplies brings us to the good news of the center taking shape off the Manson Highway. Williams says things are coming together:

You can find out more at their website, sevenacresfoundation-dot-org.