[8/5/16] Commissioners Consider Redirecting Bicycles From Boyd Road

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Chelan County Commissioners are continuing a conversation on options to keep bicyclists safe on roads in non-incorporated areas of Chelan County- particularly the Boyd Road area between Chelan and Manson.

Chelan County Commissioner, Doug England, says the state has taken steps that diminishes what the county can do in creating restrictions for bicycle use in non-incorporated areas…

080416 Bicycles on Boyd 1 :50 “…calls in that area.”

Commissioner England says the is considering a program that relies on volunteers and temporary signs…

080416 Bicycles on Boyd 2 :32 “…those problems don’ exist.”

Chelan County Commissioners are in the midst of discussions, which includes input from their attorney to decide the next steps regarding bicyclists on Boyd Road.

KOZI will continue to follow this story, and bring you more as we learn more.